Space trees 15 feet apart. This long needled Pine is most useful as a stately specimen or for wind break. Native to mountain and plateau regions of the United States, the ponderosa pine develops a taproot early in life that enables the tree to survive stressful conditions such as extended drought. Growth Rate (average dbh inches per year) Growth Rate (average dbh inches per 16-year period) Sample Size (N = number of trees) Blue spruce 0.47 7.6 133 Austrian/ ponderosa pine 0.43 6.9 503 White fir 0.37 5.9 11 Piñon 0.23 3.7 19 Table 2: Growth rate of evergreen trees and number of trees sampled. Ponderosa pine is a climax species at the lower elevations of the coniferous forest and a mid-successional species at higher elevations where more competitive conifers are capable of growing. However, individual trees older than 200 The ponderosa pine tree (Pinus ponderosa) is a large evergreen that lives 300 to 600 years. A native tree of Colorado. Its grows a deep tap root which makes it a good choice in a windy site. In addition, I found that Stands of old-growth ponderosa pine are now relatively rare in the Front Range be- cause of past logging and wild re ( g. 2). By sampling 107 trees from four sites (two burned, two unburned), I found that both 2 and 617 year growth rates of burned ponderosa pines is greater than that of unburned ponderosas. percent shade reduces the growth rate significantly. Hardy to -40°F Maximum Elevation: 9,000 ft. 2020 Ponderosa Pine. growth rate of ponderosa pine along the Front Range in Boulder County, Colorado. It generally grows at elevations between sea level and 3,000 m. SAVE UP TO 30% It withstands very cold winters. Very cold hardy and drought tolerant tree.

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