The Charles E. Steinberg Fellowship in Psychiatry and Law is one of the original forensic psychiatry programs recognized by the ACGME. The goal of the program is to enable forensic … The forensic psychiatry fellowship was begun in 1979 and has graduated 97 forensic psychiatry fellows over the past 40 years. The primary goal of this ACGME accredited training program is to provide forensic psychiatric fellows the opportunity to gain didactic knowledge and practical experience in Forensic Psychiatry … General Overview; Application Information; Rotations; Didactics; Contact Information; Overview. History of the Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship. Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship. The Division of Forensic Psychiatry at West Virginia University offers a full-time one-year fellowship designed to provide a comprehensive and practical training experience. Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship. The one-year, full-time, ACGME-accredited Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program offers training in the area of law and psychiatry and is designed to develop proficiency in all aspects of forensic psychiatric practice, including didactic study and supervised clinical experiences. Graduates of the fellowship have become national leaders in the field of forensic psychiatry, including assuming leadership positions in the American Academy of Psychiatry … Dr. Jonas Rappeport, the third chief Medical Officer for Baltimore City and the first President of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (AAPL), founded the University of Maryland Fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry … Baltimore City's Medical Office was founded in 1918. Over the past 30 years, we have established deep roots in this ever-growing discipline, and refined our clinical and didactic curriculum to best prepare fellows for the unique work of forensic psychiatry.

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